Outsourced Payroll Services for SME

Payroll requirements are getting more complicated and required more paperwork. 

We help small business owners manage their payroll to ensure that their business stays compliant with local legislations in Malaysia and pays their staff accurately and on time.

how our payroll solution helps business owners


Accurate calculations

We provide LHDN approved payroll software to accurately calculate payroll for your entire team.


Contribution payments

We process, submit and prepare statutory payments (KWSP, PERKESO, HRDF, LHDN) for business owners on time every month.


Leave & claims management

Business owners can manage all employee leaves and claims with the payroll software provided.

Reduce paperwork and simplify the approval process for your team.


Frequently asked questions

What does your payroll service include?

  • Salary calculation based on monthly pay periods
  • Statutory contribution payments 
  • Issuance of Form EA for personal tax filings including statutory annual returns
  • Access to LHDN approved payroll software for all employees

Why do I need outsourced payroll services?

Running your own business is time consuming. Monthly payroll is one of the many tasks that business owners have to tackle.

LBCO takes the routine work off your hands and give back the time normally spent on calculating your employee’s pay. Our processes and automation will ensure payroll is calculated accurately and on time for your team.


What does the process look like ?

  1. We remind you monthly and request for any additional pay items for the month.
  2. We prepare payroll for the team and calculate contributions to be paid.
  3. We send you the net payment for each employee and distribute payslips online.
  4. We submit statutory contributions and make payment on time.

What software do you use?

We are partners with Talenox and use it for all our payroll clients.

Talenox is approved by LHDN. It can also help you manage leave application and approvals for your team members. Our team will provide training on how to fully utilise the capabilities of Talenox.

Our professionals
are certified

Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)

Member of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM)

Registered tax agent with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)

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