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Your company can be set up within a few days. We help with all the paperwork and get you up and running in no time.

What's the process

Incorporate Your Company in Days

Step 1

Complete our form with your desired Company name & other information

Step 2

Sign documents prepared at our office and we'll proceed to reserve your desired name

Step 3

Upon approval of reservation of name, we will incorporate your Company

Step 4

Congratulations! Your Company is formed

Incorporation Package


What you’ll get

RM1060 Government fees included

Company name reservation

Filing with SSM

Company Seal and Registers

Up to 3 shareholders

Top up RM50 for self-inking company stamp


What are the requirements to register a Company ?

To register a Company, you’ll need:

  • a local address
  • a company secretary
  • a qualified resident director
  • a shareholder

Paid up capital starts at RM1.00 only.

How long does incorporation takes ?

It takes about 2 days.

  • One (1) day to approve Company Name
  • One (1) day to incorporate the Company

It mostly depends on the approval time of the authorities.

What does the process look like ?

  1. We check for  the availability of Company name. You send us the details on directors and shareholders.
  2. We prepare the necessary documents and arrange for signature.
  3. Submit for approval of name. Once the name is approved, we will proceed with incorporation.
  4. Upon approval by SSM, your Company is incorporated.

Who can be a director ?

A director is a natural person who is at least 18 years old and of sound mind.

To qualify as a resident director, the individual must have his/her principal place of residence in Malaysia.

He/She must not be an undischarged bankrupt, has not been imprisoned for offences under Comapnies Act 2016, not convicted of any offence in or outside Malaysia and not disqualified under Companies Act 2016.

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