StartUp Launch package

Everything you need to launch your dream business swiftly, ensure compliance and enjoy peace of mind with our expert guidance.

What You Get:

  1. Complete company setup in 3 days
  2. First-year compliance sorted
  3. Exclusive protional pricing
  4. Dedicated support from in-house experts.
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Ultimate Start Up Launch

Your Finance Team
from Day 1

Gain insights into how our app has revolutionized managing portfolios, making informed decisions, and achieving financial success.

  • Startup Focused Tailored to meet the unique financial needs of your business in its early stages.
  • Fixed Fee Get comprehensive financial services at one predictable, budget-friendly price.
  • Partner in Growth We join you as a partner, committed to your business's journey from the ground up.
  • 500+ SMEs We've empowered over 500 SMEs in launching and scaling their businesses.

Ultimate Start-Up Launch Package

Transform your business with our all-in-one solution: Incorporation, Bookkeeping, Payroll & more.

Incorporation in 3 days

Navigate the complexities of starting a new Sdn Bhd without the stress. We help you choose your Sdn Bhd name and incorporate your company in as little as 3 days.

Advance Bookkeeping

We go beyond basic transaction tracking to provide comprehensive financial management. From invoice processing to expense categorization and monthly financial reporting, we offer detailed insights into your financial health.

Tax Compliance

We work to optimize your tax position, identifying opportunities for tax savings and incentives while ensuring full compliance with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) requirements

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll provide a refund minus government fees.

Up to Date Statutory Registers

LBCO ensures that all necessary legal documents and records are accurately kept and readily available.

Professional Support

Our licensed in-house professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools. By choosing LBCO, you're gaining a strategic partner dedicated to the smooth operation and growth of your business.

Our customer success stories

Discover how businesses like yours transformed with our complaince services. Real stories of growth, innovation, and success.

Elevating Efficiency, Securing Growth for Aeros Geotech

Discover how services empowered Aeros Geotech to identify growth opportunities, maximise tax benefits and be einvoicing ready.

Helping Docquity navigate challenges: regulatory compliance

Explore our partnership with Docquity Malaysia navigating complex regulations, and enabling expansion, resulting in a successful market entry.

Improving Polyflex Packaging efficiency: streamlining processes

Witness how our outsourced accounting & payroll streamlined processes for Polyflex Packaging reducing costs, and facilitating growth.
How it Works

What You Get?

When you start your own company, there are a lot of things to think about in the first year. It can be really busy and a bit confusing. We're here to help make things easier for you.

Company Incorporation
(Value RM1499)

Our Complete Incorporation Service takes care of all legal and bureaucratic requirements for setting up your company. We'll help you open a bank account without visiting the branch.

Unlimited name search and SSM fees are included in the package.

Professional Monthly Bookkeeping
(Value RM4800)

Our Advanced Bookkeeping Services go beyond basic transaction tracking to provide comprehensive financial management. From invoice processing to expense categorization and monthly financial reporting, we offer detailed insights into your financial health.

Up to 1200 transactions per year.

Company Secretary
(Value RM960)

From annual returns to board meeting minutes, we handle the details, keeping you compliant and informed. Our proactive approach identifies potential compliance issues before they become problems, allowing you to focus on scaling your business.

Corporate Tax Preparation
(Value RM1500)

Our Corporate Income Tax Compliance service ensures your business meets all its tax obligations efficiently and accurately. We provide comprehensive support, from tax planning and advisory to the preparation and filing of corporate tax returns.

Total Value = RM14,000++

First Year Offer RM6499

Save more than RM7000 when you start your business with us.

In your first year, every penny counts. We keep costs transparent and manageable, so you can invest more in growing your business, worry-free.

6/12 month instalment plans available

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