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No matter your business phase, LBCO has your back. We provide complete tax support, preparation, and filing services from start to finish.

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LBCO gives you a dedicated tax team so you have a direct line to your own experts–professional support is just a few clicks away.

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Tax time stress isn’t limited to tax season. That's why we provide continuous advisory services, including as-needed and unlimited tax consultations. With regular check-ins all year, your tax team ensures no deduction is overlooked.

We file your taxes

Once you're satisfied with your return, your personal Tax Coordinator will gather all the required documents and forms.

Following this, your LBCO will oversee the preparation, review, and timely submission of your income tax return, ensuring punctuality every step of the way.

Tax Dealines

Income tax filing deadlines

Don't wait until the very end to start preparing for your tax filing. Consider this your tax filing deadline reference.

Individuals, Sole Proprietors
and Partnerships

March 31

Employers have to submit Form E which is a declaration made by the employer to LHDN.

April 30

Form BE due April 30 is for individuals who only received non business income (employment income, rental, royalties, etc.).

June 30

Form B due June 30 is for individuals with received business income. For partnerships, Form P is also required to be submitted.

Sdn Bhd and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

March 31

Employers have to submit Form E which is a declaration made by the employer to LHDN.

7 months after year end

The income tax return for Sdn Bhd (Form C) and LLP (Form PT) have to be submitted within seven(7) months after the financial year end.

30 days before start of financial year

Companies and LLPs in operation must submit CP204 not later than 30 days before the commencement of the basis period for a year of assessment.

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Browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers regarding income tax.

You can deduct a wide range of business expenses, including employee salaries, office rent, utilities, business supplies, professional fees, and marketing costs, as long as they are directly related to earning your business income.

Yes, you are required to file a tax return even if your business did not make a profit, as it helps document your business activities and financial situation for the year.

Keep detailed records of all business transactions, receipts, invoices, expenses and payment details for reliefs for at least seven years, as these are needed to support your tax filings and deductions.

For sole proprietors and partnerships, business income is taxed at the individual's progressive tax rates, ranging from 0% to 30%.

Companies are taxed at a flat rate, which is currently 24% for most companies, with reduced rates (15% /17%) for SME.

Missing the deadline can result in penalties, including fines and interest on the unpaid tax amount. It's important to file on time or apply for an extension if you anticipate a delay.

Yes, Malaysia offers various tax incentives for SMEs, including reduced corporate tax rates for the first RM 600,000 of chargeable income, investment tax allowances, and deductions for specific activities that promote growth and innovation.

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