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Let your business thrive by delegating payroll processing to our in-house experts. Work faster and reduce errors with payroll and leave management.

Enjoy peace of mind as we calculate accurate payroll and statutory contributions, manage deadlines, LHDN filings and ensure compliance, allowing you to focus on growth.

More than
just Payroll

Gain insights into how our app has revolutionized managing portfolios, making informed decisions, and achieving financial success.

  • Experience Get a dedicated cosec with 10+ years of experience from day one.
  • Multi channel Easily contact us through chat and get a response within 24 hours.
  • Compliance We track and ensure compliance with authorities.
  • Saves time & money Business owners save hours from running monthly payroll.
Our Services

Why switch to LBCO?

Still processing payroll manually? Save hours or even days when you switch payroll processing and leave management to LBCO.

We make switching to us smooth and easy. We set up the company and onboard your employees e set up the company and onboard your employees, ensuring that from the very first step, you feel the difference in service quality and attention to detail.

Our Services

All in one payroll

Upgrade your payroll processes by switching to LBCO and experience peace of mind managing your business.

Statutory contributions

We don’t just calculate your contributions, we file them with the right government agencies every time you run payroll.

Compliance & accuracy

No more forgotten forms or submissions. We calculate payroll and statutory contributios based on latest laws and regulations.

Leave management

Talenox comes with built in leave management. View, manage and approve employee leave anywhere, anytime.

Employee self-service

Employees have access to their payslips, employment information and leave benefits va Talenox.

Up-to-date records

LBCO ensures that all necessary legal documents and records are accurately kept and readily available.

Professional support

Our licensed in-house professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools.

How it Works

What is Full-Service Payroll?

Fast, accurate and effortless payroll

Whether you're handling salaries, bonuses, or deductions, we ensure every detail is accounted for. With our streamlined system, managing payroll becomes not just a task but a breeze.

Gone are the days of tedious, manual calculations and the endless paperwork that used to eat up hours or even days of your month.

Harnessing the power of cloud payroll

By migrating payroll processes to the cloud, you can enjoy real-time access to payroll data from anywhere, at any time.

Business owners, managers, and employees are able to log into their accounts from anywhere in the world. Compatible on all desktop and mobile devices.


SME friendly plans

Whether you're a small team, or a growing enterprise, we have a plan that aligns perfectly with your goals.

First 5 employees

Perfect for small companies starting out

RM 250 / Month
  • Subscription to Talenox (LHDN approved)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Full service payroll migration and account setup
  • Access to library of HR templates
  • Chat, email & phone support

Additional employees

For businesses growing their headcount

RM 30 / Month / Employee
  • Subscription to Talenox (LHDN approved)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Full service payroll migration and account setup
  • Access to library of HR templates
  • Chat, email & phone support
We've got answers

Any doubts? We're here to help you

Browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers regarding our company secretary service.

Full-service payroll goes beyond basic payroll processing by offering an all-encompassing solution that handles every aspect of payroll for you. This includes automatic tax calculations, filing, and payment; handling all payroll-related compliance and regulatory requirements.

Yes, outsourcing your payroll can lead to significant cost savings. It reduces the need for in-house payroll staff, minimizes errors that could lead to fines and penalties, and identifies potential tax credits and deductions to optimise your finances.

Not at all. While the service handles the intricacies of payroll processing, you retain full control and oversight. You can access and review payroll data anytime, make adjustments as necessary, and have the final say on payroll approvals.

Switching to LBCO is typically straightforward. We will guide you through the setup process, help migrate your existing payroll data to and train your team on how to use the platform.

LBCO offers comprehensive support, including a dedicated account manager, customer service via phone or email, and a range of online resources and tutorials to help you navigate the platform.

Access to payroll data is restricted and we  ensure only authorised personnel can view sensitive information.

The platform, Talenox, is ISO27001 certified which is ne of the world’s most recognised quality management standard certification on Information Security Management.

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